Hachinohe City

Hachinohe City is located in the south-east part of Aomori Prefecture and has a commanding view of the Pacific Ocean. It is a model city in the Northern Tohoku District, having a population of 245,000. Although Hachinohe is one of the northernmost cities on the main land of Honshu, its climate is relatively mild throughout the year, with little snowfall in the winter, and long, and warm days in the summer. The cityfs topography is unique in its crescent shaped coastline and inland plains.
Hachinohe has developed as a marine product community with one of the largest catch of fish in Japan. Since its designation as a new industrial city in 1964, Hachinohe has grown into largest coastal industrial city in Northern Tohoku. Moreover, in recent years Hachinohe port has become more functional as various port facilities was newly installed. It now has regular domestic and international lines such as the South East Asia line opened in August, 1994 and the Foreign Access Zone (FAZ) designated in March, 1996.
Hachinohe, as the core economic, social, and cultural city in Northern Tohoku, is trying to develop its High Tech Park and Hachinohe North-Interchange Industrial Complex. It is also promoting the fulfillment of other city function such as the improvement of its housing developments, high speed transportation systems The Tohoku Shinkansen between Tokyo and Hachinohe was opened in December, 2002, extending the Hachinohe Line of the Tohoku Expressway northwards, the improvement of the Hachinohe-Kuji Motorway, and others.
In conclusion, Hachinohe aims at becoming the all-round city for working, living, playing, and education in the Northern Tohoku region.

Hachinohe City Area and Port

Transportation to Hachinohe

Railroad (Tohoku Shinkansen)

  • Tokyo - Hachinohe about 2 hours 50min.

Road (Tohoku Expressway, Hachinohe Route)

  • Tokyo - Hachinohe North Interchange about 8 hours
  • Sendai - Hachinohe North Interchange about 4 hours
  • Morioka - Hachinohe North Interchange about 1 hour 30 min.


  • The nearest Airport to Hachinohe is Misawa Airport.
  • Sapporo - Misawa about 45 min. *Tokyo - Misawa about 1 hour 10 min.
  • Osaka(Itami) - Misawa about 1 hour 30 min.


  • Hachinohe - Tomakomai about 7-9 hours
  • Hachinohe - Muroran about 8 hours