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Philosophy and Policy of Education

The educational philosophy of Hachinohe National College of Technology is that an engineer should be educated to master highly specialized technological science on the basis of genuine humanity, to obey the rules as being fully aware of personal liberty and responsibility, and to contribute positively to human welfare and the progress of society.

In order to realize it, we promote specialized technological education for manufacturing and systematization, encouraging students to be self-reliant individuals in conformity with our college motto, gSincerity, Enterprise, and Cooperationh.

Terms of study in the National Colleges of Technology are five years after graduation of junior high school and successful graduates are awarded the title of Associate (Engineering). The Colleges have set up the advanced Engineering Courses. In those courses, we give the students higher-level lectures of technology on the basis of the previous five-year education, and train them to be practical and creative engineers needed for the industrial society today. And the students will be given the degree of Bachelor (Engineering), after completed the full program of the course and passed the examination of the National Institution for Academic Degrees.

The graduates of the Colleges can not only go on the Advanced Engineering Course, but also transfer to many universities including Nagaoka and Toyohashi Universities of Technology (established especially for the graduates of the Colleges) as the third year students of the faculty of engineering, and so on. And the B. E. graduates of the Advanced Engineering Course can go to graduate schools. To the students of the College, many courses are open after graduation.

The location of the National Colleges of Technology in the educational system of Japan is illustrated in the figure above.