Outline of History President Greeting Philosophy and Policy of Education The Aims of Learning and Education Admission Policy Engineering Education Program

The Aims of Learning and Education

A. To cultivate genuine humanity

(A) We are cultivate sound minds and bodies in which the effects and responsibilities@of technology on the global environment and human society can be understood from an international perspective.

B. To learn knowledge and skills of engineering

(B-1) We are to learn a basic knowledge of mathematics, natural sciences and the skills of experiment, measurement and information processing technology, and to be able to apply them practically.

(B-2) We are to master not only professional knowledge and technology as our specialty but also a basic compound professional knowledge, which we can achieve through our gMountain Range Type of Educationh.

C. To contribute to local society

(C-1) We are to gain abilities in manufacturing and design through which we can cooperatively create, develop and systematize technology.

(C-2) We are to cultivate an enterprising attitude towards tackling the problems of energy and environmental quality whose solution is the priority task in the northern parts of Tohoku.

D. To develop communicative competence

(D) We are to develop our competence to communicate on the international scene in English as well as clearly which each other in Japanese.