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Dormitory (Hokushin-ryo)

Our college has a dormitory named Hokusin-Ryo with the accommodations for at most 560 students.

The all-boarder system is adopted for the first and second-year male students. We have some capacity to afford for many of the third, forth, fifth and the advanced course students, as well as female students who are from distant areas.

The all-boarder system is put into practice in order to promote the students independence and cultivate their social adaptability.

We have Dormitory Affairs Committee comprised of teachers from every department whose members are responsible for the students to give them guidance for their daily life. Moreover, all the teachers are charged in residence during nights and weekends in a rotation.The leading boarder students are selected from among the model students of fourth and fifth-year students and live together with the lower year boarders as their advisers.

The Boardersf Council in the dormitory practices several activities such as the environmental improvement, recycling, voluntary works, etc. It is also carries out various other activities, for example, the dormitory festival, the walking rally, the sports meet, and so on.


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