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Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering places great importance ongbasic knowledgehto design and produce the industrial products as the center base on which abilities of extensive practical use are cultivated.

With the diversification and the specialization of mechanical engineering and rapid growth of electronics and computers, students are required as technical experts to get used to a great variety of technology. What is important to cope with these circumstances is to make up a clear stance toward the basic dynamics such aseforcefandemotionf, to deepen understanding of materials and their efficient use, and to give practical education such as experiments & practices and designing & drawing.

It is important for the technical experts to gain ability to plan and carry out examinations positively, researches, and investigations. In addition, technical experts currently are to have the internationally understanding attitude toward such problems as energy and earth environment.

With this goal in mind, special lectures about advanced mechanical engineering are conducted by professors of Tohoku University.

Mileage Car

Computer Aided Design