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Department of Liberal Arts and Engineering Sciences

In the Department of Liberal Arts and Engineering Sciences, it is our aim, through the study of humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, foreign languages, physical education and arts, to develop the studentfs intelligence and to let them acquire the rudiments, necessary for technological theories and skills. We intend to foster their culture by the same process of education.

The regular course of our college, shaped like wedge, is organized as; liberal-arts education classes are taught trough five years students are expected to take the classes in their majors. This system works efficiently. We also offer the general education program in the Advanced Course for the acquirements of the university-level learning skill and enriched culture.

The learning of the communication skill, including foreign languages, is very important for engineers in the international age. For the purpose English seminars are given in every school year to enable all the students to have chances to be taught by native speakers.

English Seminar

Things Japanese for Foreign Students