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Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering was established in 1991 by reorganizing former Department of Industrial Chemistry and the eighth students of the department were graduated this spring. The principal aim of the department is to traingthe chemical engineers capable of biological workh. According to the idea that the future chemical technology will be developed on the basis of materials chemistry, fine chemistry, environmental science, and biotechnology, the fundamental principles of such fields are instructed through the following course systems.

Chemical technology course

Synthesis and application of various inorganic and organic materials, exchange and functionalization of natural products, and industrial process control.

Biological technology course

Industrial application of enzymes, microorganisms, biomass, and functions of livings.

At the same time, however, the curriculum is made flexible by furnishing common elective subjects covering both elements. The fundamental chemical and biological subjects are taught correspondingly to the contents in universities.

Fundamental Experiments Chemical and Biological Engineering

Experiments in Materials Chemistry